The Education

Are Our Phones Harming Our Bodies and Minds?

There’s evidence pointing to the potential health risks that radiation from our cell phones may cause. We encourage you to educate yourself on this topic. Many long-term studies are currently underway and scientists say it may take up to 40 years for us to understand the full impact cell phone radiation has on our health.

We do however, believe it is better to be prudent and not wait for long term peer-reviewed science to provide definitive answers. So we provide consumers with an affordable solution to help minimize exposure today. Why wait when you can reduce your risk today?

A US Government study has uncovered these concerning results about exposure to cell phone radiation

Early results released from a $25 million study from The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) have found concerning results from rats exposed to mobile phone radio frequency radiation over two years.




The purpose of this section is to educate you on current government regulations on SAR, what advocacy organizations are saying and the latest scientific research related to cell phone radiation and the potential health risks.

World Health Organization stand on EMF cellphones Source

Inter phone study Source

American Academy of Paediatrics letter Source

190 International Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans and Wildlife from Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology Source

Canadians for Safe Technology Source

Health Canada Safety Code 6 Source

What does C4ST (Canadians for Safe Technology) say about Safety Code 6 Source 


The Research

Studies have linked electromagnetic fields (EMF) from mobile phones to sleep disturbances, memory changes and other symptoms. Source

Radio frequency energy has a heating effect, which is particularly concerning for softer tissue without sufficient blood flow to regulate temperature such as the eyes and the brain. Source

In a recent study men who talked on their mobile phone for over an hour per day were found to have a significantly higher rate of abnormal sperm. Source

Research indicates that small children and their developing brains absorb more microwave radiation than an adult would with the same exposure. Source

Epidemiologic evidence on mobile phones and tumor risk: a review. Source

These may be some of the reasons that cell phone manufacturers provide recommendations, outlining what you need to do to remain within the government outlined SAR regulations. We highly recommend you educate yourself on these recommendations that are specific to each cell phone. The best medicine is always preventative, the Lif3 Smartchip is proven to reduce RF radiation by up to 99%* with virtually no impact on your transmission signal. Our motto is why take a risk, better safe than sorry.


Here’s what the research hasn’t ruled out about cell phone safety

Internationally renowned epidemiologist Dr Devra Davis is committed to researching the effects of smartphones and tablets. She is strongly involved in the Baby Safe Project urging pregnant women to limit their EMF exposure. Dr Davis believes that more extensive research needs to be done into cell phone radiation to know exactly what it is we could be dealing with, as the true effects could take 40 years to show themselves.




The Call for Further Academic Research

Further research is currently being undertaken, but the next few decades will show how our bodies really respond to heavy and long-term cell phone use. The truth is we haven’t yet ruled out the risks. Is it worth waiting for the proof?

To limit your exposure, you can keep devices away from your head and body whenever possible, limiting phone calls in poor reception and using the Lif3 Smartchip on your smartphone. We encourage you to get smart about cell phone safety.