This is Emily’s Story…


Cell phones can put breast health at risk

Meet Emily: Emily’s never far from her cell phone – it’s her social lifeline. Emily spends a lot of time talking to her best friend, and also makes many calls on the go. When she’s on the treadmill at the gym she tucks her phone into her bra and streams music to keep herself motivated. As Emily heads home on the subway she loves watching YouTube videos to make the time pass quickly, although her phone reception is not always great. Chances are Emily will keep her phone in bed with her as she falls asleep tonight, because she hates to miss anything and uses her phone as an alarm.

What Emily doesn’t know is that breast tissue is high in fat and fluid which makes it more vulnerable to electromagnetic frequency radiation, along with our brains and eyes. This is cause for concern with the majority of women spending every waking minute in proximity to their phone or keeping it tucked in their bras.


Mobile Devices and Breast Health

Emily’s cell phone use is pretty common amongst young women, and that’s a worry.

Not only have electromagnetic fields from cell phones been linked to effects on our immune, reproductive and nervous systems, but Emily also keeps her phone close to her head and chest area for much of the day exposing those areas more intensely.

While her smartphone is streaming data next to her body Emily may be exposed to radiation above the national safety Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) – particularly in areas of poor reception as the signal needs to be stronger. Breast tissue in particular is high in fat and fluid which makes it more vulnerable to microwave radiation, along with our brains and eyes.

The World Health Organization has stated that mobile phones are possibly carcinogenic to humans, and acknowledges that further research is required to prove they’re not causing us harm.

So What Can We Do?

The good news is that we can do a number of things to minimize our exposure to the electromagnetic fields from cell phones.

One is to put some distance between ourselves and our devices. To learn more about cell phone risks and safer use tips, please review our blog on 5 simple ways to reduce your cell phone radiationAnother is to apply a Lif3 Smartchip to the back of our smartphone. This way we can keep using our devices in the way we love with virtually no loss of signal, as the Smartchip absorbs and disperses up to 99%* of the emitted radiation, safeguarding us from radiation that would otherwise be penetrating our heads and bodies.

Find your Lif3 Smartchip and keep making the most of every day.