This is Grace’s Story…



Children’s brains are at greater risk than adults

Meet Grace: Grace is almost three and loves screens. She loves the way they light up with color, the way they play music and the way they respond to her own movements. Her mom Sarah tries to limit Grace’s screen time, but she figures short amounts don’t hurt while they’re in waiting rooms or grocery shopping. Grace is clever and she loves to pretend she’s talking on the phone like her parents do. Sometimes, she actually gets to talk to her grandparents on her mom’s phone. Grace is just one of the first generation of kids to be exposed to cell phones so early in life. Small children have thinner skulls and more fluid in their developing brains, which can absorb twice the amount of electromagnetic frequency radiation from these devices versus adults. The truth is we don’t know how radiation exposure will affect our kids over the next 40 year, because the research simply isn’t there.


So What Can We Do?

Put simply, we want to limit our kids’ exposure to microwave electromagnetic frequency radiation. We can turn on airplane mode while our kids are playing games. We can keep wireless devices away while everyone in the house is asleep. And we can apply Lif3 Smartchips to smartphones to ensure that when we are connected our exposure is reduced by up to 99%* with virtually no loss of signal.

Find your Lif3 Smartchip and do everything you can to protect those brilliant little brains.