The Technology


The Technology

Behind the Lif3 Smartchip

Today’s problems require up-to-date, innovative solutions. The simple, elegant design of the Lif3 Smartchip conceals a sophisticated combination of technologies.

The Smartchip incorporates an ultra-thin printed circuit board. This circuit board is carefully configured for each model and is then sprayed with incredibly thin layers of microwave-absorbing material.


These layers absorb most of the radio frequency signals transmitted from your device’s antenna that would normally penetrate vulnerable soft tissue.

A specially engineered directional radio frequency coupler then channels and disperses this radiation from the back of the phone and away from your head or body.

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The result?

Independent third-party testing proves the Lif3 Smartchip reduces cell phone radiation by up to 99%*

The Lif3 Smartchip Minimizes Your Radiation Exposure – With Minimal Signal Impact!

The Lif3 Smartchip has virtually no effect on your transmission signal or call reception. Plus, at only 0.35mm in thickness it fits neatly under your favourite case, so there’s no need to sacrifice style for safety.

After the Hard Proof?

Lif3 Smartchip models are independently tested by the A2LA accredited RP Exposure Lab in San Marcos, California and Melbourne, Australia’s EMC Technologies, with a proven reduction in radiation of up to 99%*. You can read more about this meticulous independent testing process in The Evidence, and take a look through The Education to see which risks the Smartchip is helping to combat.